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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

thoughts on mom

going to vegas to visit my mother i never thought it would be a trip so touched by saddness. my mom, once a driving force in the lives around her, is now a shell of her former self.
once i got to nevada it was apperent to me and my sister that something was wrong and that mom needed to see the doctor right away. she was listless and her walk had become a shuffel. moms eyes were staring straight ahead and she was very slow to answer even a direct question.
the doctor confirmed our worst fears- mom had parkinsons disease! we were devistated! the doctor is giving her med's to help ease the symptoms and perhaps we will have some time with our mother before it gets as bad again. lets pray that new breakthroughs are made into this terrible disease before it is too late!!!
mom's husband, always a selfish man, is more concerned with how this will affect him than how we can all help my mother. i am not sure how to deal with his lack of feeling, his selfserving attitude, and my own feelings of rage- at him, and the unfairness of all this!

one day at a time is all i can say.


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